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Abstract Background: Most breast cancer survivors experience psychological and spiritual distress, including depression, anxiety, perceived stress, and loss of meaningfulness in life. This distress can negatively impact physical health, quality of life, and quality of sleep. Tasha's Channel: Eating Disorder Story: https://veganw.

A need for spiritual or religious support; If you or a family member would like to speak with our Chaplain during your visit at the breast center, please contact our breast center at or let any of our staff know. The spiritual cause of breast cancer: My story. Eight years ago, at 27, my entire life changed after intuitively – and randomly – doing a breast self exam for in the shower. As soon as I felt the lump, I knew. I could eat all the raw broccoli topped with raw garlic topped with lemon juice in the world (I somehow though if I could eat the.

Sep 19,  · A study of women with metastatic breast cancer looked at the relationship between the immune system and spirituality. Women who said spiritual expression was important to them had more white blood cells and lymphocytes. Having high levels of these types of cells indicates a healthy immune system. Religious/spiritual beliefs influence patients’ decision-making with respect to both complementary therapies and aggressive care at the end of life. Measures of spirituality and spiritual well-being correlate with quality of life in cancer patients, breast cancer, oncology-related anxiety and depression,12,13 radiation therapy,14 and.