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Apr 01,  · Because the breast pain associated with Raynaud’s phenomenon is so severe and throbbing, it is often mistaken for Candida albicans infection. It is not unusual for mothers who have Raynaud’s phenomenon of the nipple to be treated inappropriately and often repeatedly for C albicans infections with topical or systemic antifungal by: Raynaud’s phenomenon affects up to 10% of otherwise healthy women aged years of age. It is 9 times more common in women than men. It was first described by Maurice Raynor who referred to “local asphyxia of the extremities” and “episodic digital ischaemia provoked by cold and emotion.

Jan 06,  · Triphasic or biphasic color change in the breast or nipple area. (white nipples) Sometimes the areola changes shape. Intense throbbing breast or nipple pain. Treatment for Raynaud's Phenomenon. Nifedipine (high blood pressure medicine) has been given and used to treat Raynaud’s symptoms with excellent results, because of its vasodilator effects. Feb 08,  · Raynaud’s of the nipple most commonly occurs in pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, but can also occur in women who have never been pregnant. Like Raynaud’s in other parts of the body, it is a condition that can usually be managed and, when triggers can be avoided, the vasospasm events will reduce or stop.

Breastfeeding women with Raynaud’s phenomenon experience debilitating nipple pain that usually follows the feeding (although it can occur during the feeding) and may last for hours. When the warm mouth of the baby comes off the breast, the face of the nipple, or part of the nipple, will blanch white and burning pain begins. May 20,  · The study, Raynaud’s Phenomenon of the Nipple, an Under-recognized Condition, is published in the May issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It discusses two cases: The first is a year old woman whose nipples were turning purple and reported pain when pumping breast milk.