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Dec 27,  · The history of German Shepherd colors. When talking about the German Shepherd, we have to mention the father of the breed – Von Stephanitz.. Initially referred to as the Alsatian Wolf Dog and bred for herding, this versatile fido was developed to become one of the ultimate working dogs.. You’ll even see this purebred in conformation events! Dec 28,  · A White German Shepherd is born white and stays white. During summer months, a White Shepherd may develop a light yellowish gold tint that gets replaced with a thick pure white coat during winter months. Black German Shepherds are born black and remain black through adulthood. Are German Shepherd Coat Colors Seasonal?

May 07,  · However, it’s expected that your young German Shepherd will change color, losing their puppy coat and growing their adult coat, and older dogs will grey. These are the natural color changes you can expect with your healthy German Shepherd dog. Develop your GSD’s “Hidden Intelligence” now. There are many benefits to choosing an adult German Shepherd over a German Shepherd puppy, especially if you are relatively new to German Shepherd ownership. The first notable benefit to an adult German Shepherd is that they are already trained with basic commands and taught how to act around people and other dogs.

GSD pups are born the colors they will be as adults. Their color doesn’t really change, but the small patches may become more prominent as they age. Example: If they are not born tan with a black saddle, they are not going to get a saddle later. G. The most common GSD puppy colors are black, grey, or – surprisingly – white. Kennels Von Lotta, a German Shepherd breeder, and kennel have posted this picture of a litter of newborn neonate German Shepherd puppies that were born black. Some GSD puppies may also be born with tan “socks” (paws). Whelping to 2 weeks.