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Chuck is a semi-antagonistic character that first appears in Season 4. 1 Description 2 Background 3 In Larva Island 4 Larva Island: The Movie 5 Trivia He is tall skinny male adult who has white skin, brown hair and brown eyes. When he was in the island, his hair was longer and had a beard. He wore a white head band, a white slightly torn sleeveless t-shirt with a pocket on the left, and a pair. Summary: The untold story of Sarah Walker's sexual exploits as she rises in the ranks of the CIA. Story starts off pre-Chuck series and will go through the show to the finale with missing and alternate scenes. The series will contain both hetero and femslash. Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show Chuck.

Are you into fan-fiction? Here are several great stories about The Rifleman. The McCain Ranch has some great FanFiction based on the TV Western, The Rifleman & it's characters, written by the members of the ranch and what great stories they are. Title: Where the Road Ends (Chapter Thirty-One) Pairing: Chuck/Casey Rating: NC Word Count: 12k Warnings: Language, adult themes, m/m intense situations. Beta: (adderlygirl) Honestly, when she sent me a picture of her house nearly floating away in the flood almost two weeks ago, I thought it wouldn’t be fair to dump this bad boy on her, but she’s muddling through the clean-up and still.

The Best of the Best of Chuck Fanfics. This archive includes completed Chuck related stories and is inclusive of both fluff and dark fiction styles. It includes the most memorable moments of Chuck Fanfiction out there. Chuck vs the Long Days and Nights by malamoo. A "Television > Chuck" fan-fiction story. On a mission to steal classified intel Sarah and Chuck are forced to get a little creative to distract the guards. Charah. Happens between and "Chuck Vs Plan D" by Selonianth.