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Felix nods and talks to himself as he puts his hands on his hips -- his dismal winky already sporting a chubby from all the touching "I am, SO lucky I'm hung like a thumbtack. It's perfect for me!" He giggles as his outlook on fortune encourages his normal-sized balls to loosen up in his sac before he starts to stroke his thumb and finger on. Chuckles_glow wrote, I missed Dark today - he always adds a lot to every show. I hope he is ok. That being said, Anastasia was her usual amazing self - she if fantastic!!!! She is the most energetic your woman and goes out of her way to make me happy - I love her for that> She was especially pretty today with her makeup, but she is always beautiful and has.

Yes, Chubby Towers went up like a box of knock-off fireworks. Readers from earlier in the year will notice we’ve been staying in a hotel and that’s why. Waking up in the night and noticing that the end of the world seemed to be occurring outside will stay with me forever, as will the giant handprint on Paul’s buttocks from where I slapped. A tall, pale, slightly chubby nineteen year old boy behind the counter, who's wearing the same clothes that Rose is wearing, starts smiling when he sees his coworker walking in. "There you are Rose! Did Smokey chase you around the city again?" She chuckles at the shared nickname for the blonde cop. "Yea Timothy, but as always Smoker couldn't.

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