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christian adult icebreakers questions - never question the Female Power

Dec 15,  · Having thought-provoking, deep icebreaker questions strengthens bonds among Christian women who already know one another. So many times, we think of icebreakers as being silly games. In fact, we have quite a few icebreaker games here on the Loving Christ site. Funny icebreaker games help bring together women who may not know each other well. Feb 19,  · Here are 75 fun icebreaker questions along with multiple choice answers to warm up the room and get your people chatting. You might want to bookmark this site on your device for whenever your group needs a jumpstart. Or, if your church has a social media presence, these questions make for great online polls to generate engagement. 1.

Feb 17,  · A favorite icebreaker is putting one person on the "hot seat" (with their permission) and asking them a series of questions quickly, such as: What is your favorite road trip snack? Three apps on your phone you can't live without? What is one thing .