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case study rsv adult - a crazy basket case

RSV can also become serious in older adults, adults with heart and lung diseases, or anyone with a very weak immune system (immunocompromised) (Welliver et. al., ). We estimated the community incidence, hospitalization rate, and in-hospital case-fatality ratio (hCFR) of RSV-ARI in older adults, stratified by industrialized and developing regions, using data from a systematic review of studies published between January and April and 8 unpublished population-based studies.

The investiGational RSV mAternal vacCinE study (GRACE) is a double-blind phase 3 study (NCT) to be conducted in up to 10, pregnant women aged years. Feb 07,  · “RSV is the leading cause of childhood acute lower respiratory illness worldwide and a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in older adults,” said corresponding author Dr. .

May 11,  · The patient in this case study was infected with RSV, and the disease progressed rapidly, with extensive cerebral edema and hernia. There are prior reports of neurological complications of RSV infection, which mainly include central apnea, seizures, and encephalopathy [ 10 ]. In , infants and toddlers immunized with a formalin-inactivated vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) experienced an enhanced form of RSV disease characterized by high fever, bronchopneumonia, and wheezing when they became infected with wild-type virus in the community. Hospitalizations were frequent, and two immunized toddlers died upon infection with wild-type RSV.