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Dec 13,  · Zozane (Adult) Size 7'2" Weight lbs. Corona Database Entry: Zozane is a velocity Spectrobe and takes great pride in his amazing speed. He can bend his body like a . Aug 18,  · Innovative design with never seen before 3D Spectrobe excavation system. Locate and unearth hidden items with the help of your Spectrobes. Hone the skills of your adult and evolved form Spectrobes and battle enemies in real-time vaginal.xyzs:

As a Spectrobe battles, it will gain exp. points. Once the exp. gauge fills up, the Spectrobe will gain one level. The Incubator is a function of the Cargo Room's Lab System, in your Patrol Cruiser. There, you can train your Spectrobes, and also evolve them. If you want a Spectrobe to gain much more exp. points than normal, follow this hint. Torgazar (ニトルボーン Nitorubon) is an Adult Spectrobe of the Corona Property, and in Spectrobes: Origins, a Spectrobe of the Fire Property. It evolves from Torga, and evolves into Torgallup.

Spectrobes (化石超進化スペクトロブス, Kaseki Chōshinka Supekutorobusu, Fossil Super-Evolution Spectrobes), is a science fiction video game that was developed by Jupiter and published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Nintendo Interactive Studios has stated that Spectrobes is its first original intellectual property; that is, a game not based on any film or TV program. step 3b. touch the spectrobe detail icon in the Incubator, the thing to zoom in on the spectrobe step 4. pick spectrobe step 5. touch the touch the spectrobe step screen for next step (must have the Zeta cube for evolving Adult spectrobes) step 7. scratch the egg-shaped casing on .