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adult seat belt law - Boobs between Car seat belt

54 rows · Aug 13,  · Seat belt laws, like state laws for cell phone use, are divided into two . Nov 01,  · Under a new law starting Sunday, all car passengers in New York state must wear seat belts — even adults in the back seat. The law makes New York the 30th state to require seat belts .

Jan 04,  · Seat belt use by type of law, US, In , primary seat belt laws existed in 26 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia. These laws covered about 65% of the US adult population. SOURCE: CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, US, 20Top of Page. Jul 23,  · New Hampshire and American Samoa are the only state and territory without a seat belt law for adults. However, New Hampshire is currently considering a secondary adult seat belt law for all seats. With the boom in ride-hailing services, there is heightened interest .

NH, only state without adult seat belt law, hosts national awareness campaign. was deadliest year on NH roadways in 15 years. Mar 27,  · In , Pennsylvania’s seat belt usage rate was %. This is among the highest of all states that enforce secondary adult seat belt laws. Studies show that every 1% increase in seat belt usage saves an additional six to eight lives. In Pennsylvania, the age group most likely not to wear a seat belt is 16 to year-olds.