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Scan Request: Ninja, Full Figure Nude. Yoda Figure. Nude bronze. Acrylic resin is often used to make figurines that are found in nearly every gift shop around the world. Acrylic resin is cast from molds that can be used time and time again. Figurines and statues made from this material can last for years without much care or attention outside of simple dusting.

We are passionate collectors, bringing you the best statues currently on the market. Our aim is to give you an easy way to obtain awesome collectables and displays pieces. Looking for information of new released resin kits or want to join discussions of other resin kit lovers? Here is the right place to check out what you want about resin kits, you can find out info about the sculptor you like, the coming new kits and forums that contain lots of resources for buying, building or even reforming the resin kits you like.

ADULT FANTASY FIGURES This solid cast resin Adult Fantasy Kit produced was by Streamline Pictures in The female figure was painted in acrylics. Automotive paints were used for the robot, background and base. Resin collectible toys and sculptures are often produced by the artists themselves, in their own homes, in very limited quantities. Some of the items in this section are produced in slightly higher numbers ( or more) and are therefore produced in factories in China. The majority of .