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Question: The theremin belongs to this class of musical instruments: Answer: The theremin, invented in , was one of the world’s first electronic instruments. Pitch is controlled by moving one’s hands nearer to or farther from the device, without ever touching it. Music competitions are a regular part of life for many students who plan to go to music school and seek a career in music. Three “realities” of music competitions: 1. Any performance — whether in a competition, a lesson, for friends, or at Carnegie Hall — is just a “snapshot” of your talent and skills.

Music tutorials are there in the thousands to be used as a free resource to learn a new instrument. There are some qualified teachers with professional looking YouTube channels. They’ll provide you with all the knowledge you need, but you won’t get the real-time feedback if you’re doing something wrong. Audition for the Music Talent Competition is open to all school students and adult solo performers, ensembles, and small Closing date: Online, United States.

European Classical music has long relied on music competitions to provide a public forum that identifies the strongest players and contributes to the establishment of their professional careers. This is a list of current competitions in classical music, with each competition and reference link given only offer competitions across a range of categories and in these cases . Harmonica for Toddlers, Kids, and Adults, Musical Instrument for Beginners with 10 Holes and 20 Notes, Stainless Steel Diatonic Mouth Organ Set Complete with Storage Bag, Blues Harp for Boys & Girls out of 5 stars 3,