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Nov 12,  · Munchausen syndrome facts Munchausen syndrome, referred to as a factitious disorder, is a mental illness that involves the sufferers causing or pretending to have physical or psychological symptoms in themselves. Adults aged years are most likely to develop Munchausen Roxanne Dryden-Edwards, MD. Jun 01,  · The diagnosis of Munchausen by Proxy (MbP) is well recognised with children as the victims, but remains infrequently reported in later life. Older frail adults may also become victims of this syndrome. In this study we report a case of an older adult with a diagnosis of dementia and her son being the by: 2.

Munchausen syndrome (also known as factitious disorder imposed on self) is a mental health disorder where you falsify, exaggerate, or induce physical, emotional or cognitive disorders. Apr 20,  · Bad as Munchausen Syndrome is for an adult to suffer, I think harming a child or some other person, is even worse. That certainly is a severe form of psychological illness. Lorna Lamon (author) on February 29, Hello Vidya, Unfortunately this is a difficult disorder to diagnose and treat. However, I entirely agree, when it comes to.