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The majority of young adults said they cared more about financial fitness than physical fitness. The Schwab Young Adults and Money Survey 1 found that the majority of young adults ages 23–28 considered "making better choices about managing money" the single most important issue for individual Americans to take action on. They believed it outweighed the need to strengthen family. The goal is to share the latest information and best practices with the financial education industry, provide those in the media the latest information and to support the development of financial literacy programming. Visit the Financial Literacy Test & Survey Center for the most recent data and live results.

Introduction. Adult niche. Not only is it a sin of many a man and woman, but it’s also an incredibly business opportunity. Adult entertainment is an billion-dollar industry and, as such, it involves a lot of advertising.. More importantly, adult entertainment isn’t limited only to sleazy and x rated stuff. Entertainment-industry analyst Dennis McAlpine offers an overview of porn's economics -- from pay-per-view to the Internet to adult-video production -- and a closer look at how legitimate.

Conclusion: Making money online out of the adult industry is one of the easiest ways to earn real cash online. Like with any other online money making technique you’ll have to invest time and dedication in order to succeed. One of the biggest advantages related to this industry is that you don’t need Google to rank your site high enough to. Money is a topic that’s shrouded in mystery in the adult entertainment world. While it’s widely presumed to be a multibillion dollar industry, there’s no real firm accounting to back that up.