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Private tour guide in Slovakia! Web site of accredited slovak private tour guide living in Bardejov, Slovakia offering you services. Take a private Slovakia tour with a knowledgeable local guide and discover the many charms of this Eastern European nation. Bratislava, with its charming historical centre and contrasting Soviet-era developments is a fascinating study in contrasts and a city well worth exploring.

When it comes to adult entertainment - by which we of course mean strip clubs, erotic massage, escorts, old-fashioned prostitution and the like - Bratislava might not be as famous as its Czech neighbour, but rest assured that there are plenty of options to keep yourself . Let’s not beat around the bush, Prague is Sex City. Indeed, for many people the presence of quasi-legal brothels, strip clubs and massage parlours is the primary reason for visiting the Czech vaginal.xyz city has therefore over the years earnt itself something of a reputation for being the stag night capital of Europe, a fact that not everyone is happy about.

The castle and museums. Bratislava’s castle (hrad) sits on a strategic hill between the Alps and Carpathians, first fortified in vaginal.xyz a clear day you can see Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The current building, a boxy four-towered rectangle, is a s reconstruction of Emperor Sigismund’s fifteenth-century castle, which burnt down in