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Stop Enabling Your Addicted Adult Child Tough love is a hard, but a valuable language to learn. Posted Nov 25, The World Health Organization says that a video game addiction involves a lack of impulse control and continuance of gaming despite consequences on mental, physical or emotional health. If gaming starts to interfere with someone’s daily life, that’s typically when a gaming addiction could be diagnosed.

Video game addiction, also known as gaming disorder, is a behavioral addiction that can spiral out of control and cause serious problems with your overall health and well-being when left untreated. What is Video Game Addiction? There is some controversy over whether video gaming is an addiction comparable to gambling, drug abuse, or alcoholism.d Psychology Today states that the comparison between video gaming and gambling is flawed, because there are no financial stakes or material losses involved with video games.

Using gaming to ease bad moods and feelings Of course, not everyone who plays a lot has a problem with gaming. Some experts say that it’s harmful to label people who might just be very enthusiastic. Video Game Addiction Treatment for Adults and Teens Treating compulsive video gaming is similar to treating other types of addictive behaviors, and relies mostly on psychotherapy in either an inpatient or outpatient setting.