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Nov 09,  · Adult fungus gnats do not eat; their only purpose is reproduction. Over the course of her short lifespan, a female fungus gnat can lay to + eggs. A female gnat will deposit up to 40 eggs at a time on the surface of moist soil, near decaying organic matter, or hidden closer to the stem of a plant. Although a few species are up to 1⁄2 inch long, fungus gnat adults commonly are about 1⁄16 to 1⁄8 inch long. Wings are light gray to clear, and the common Bradysia species have a Y-shaped wing vein. Because adult fungus gnats are attracted to light, you first might notice these pests flying near windows indoors.

So using a cocktail of control methods would help fight fungus gnats both at adult and larval stages. While each method—be it physical or biological—has its own set of tangible benefits, the ultimate goal is to achieve results without spending too much. You also want to consider the safety factors before choosing a control measure. Adult fungus gnats don’t bite or feed, so they aren’t a threat to people or plants. However, they can become an annoyance if they aren’t controlled and are left to reproduce in large numbers. The larvae of fungus gnats pose a small threat to young plants.

The best way to control adult fungus gnats is with yellow sticky traps. These are exactly what they sound like: sheets of yellow paper with adhesive on them. Yellow sticky traps can be found in the pesticide section of your garden center. The gnats are . Dec 30,  · Use yellow sticky cards placed horizontally at the media surface to attract fungus gnat adults. Adult fungus gnats are small (1/8-inch-long), mosquito-like insects, with long legs and antennae. Their two wings are delicate and clear with a Y-shaped vein in the wing pattern. Check yellow sticky cards Leanne Pundt.