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Fifth disease is caused by human parvovirus B It occurs most often in the winter and spring. Which children are at risk for fifth disease? It is most common in young school-age children. Children often get it at school or other places where children gather. Adults can get fifth disease, too, but most infections are in . Human Parvovirus B in Adult. April 10, By Arthritis Center. In children, it is often called Fifth’s Disease or erythema infectiosum. It presents as a fever and a flat red skin rash on the face “slapped cheeks” and occasionally on the palms and soles of the feet. By the time the rash appears, the child is ususally better and no.

Fifth disease is usually a mild illness that resolves on its own among children and adults who are otherwise healthy. Joint pain and swelling in adults also usually resolve without long-term disability. Anti-inflammation medication can help to resolve joint symptoms. What is Parvovirus B19 (Fifth Disease)? Parvovirus B19 is a common childhood viral illness. It is also called fifth disease, "slapped cheek" or erythema infectiosum. About 50 per cent of all adults have been infected sometime during childhood or adolescence. People who have had parvovirus B19 are usually immune to it for life.

Now my upper left side of my back & neck are hurting. Not as bad as the other times, but bad. Laying down is the worst. Now I know something is going on. All blood tests & X-rays from the hospital were negative. My sister mentioned to me today that she knows of two people with similar symptoms who ended up having Adult Fifths Disease. Adults can get infected with parvovirus B19 resulting in fifth disease too. Less common symptoms of parvovirus B19 infection include painful or swollen joints (polyarthropathy syndrome), which is more common in adults, and severe anemia (a condition in which .