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adult feces smearing - Black lovers cum was smeared all over

Smearing feces is completely normal (if there’s such a thing as normal) for both autistic and neurotypical children of a certain age. More parents have had to deal with this issue than you think, and they’ve all survived. The other good news is that there are ways to stop this behavior. I’ve smeared feces in private, but my sister and I were babies. To this day we have no recollection of this–our parents walked into a room full of poo-poo walls and freaked. They had to clean it up, too. If an adult is smearing or dropping poo in public, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing–they hate your ass and want you to know it!

Fecal smearing, also referred to as scatolia, has a massive psychological impact on caregivers and family members who are in charge of taking care of adults with dementia. While it may not be as frequent as other disruptive behaviors, it does happen, and it is probably one of the most challenging problems to manage. Smearing covers a variety of behaviors such as: Rolling feces in the hands, then hiding the pieces Taking feces of out of the toilet to play with or smear Choosing a .

I have heard of scatolia as fecal smearing, a behavior most often performed by mentally ill or autistic persons. As some one who has gotten used to poop, the though of encountering someone eating or who had eaten feces, makes me want to gag. I am not sure how I would handle it, if I ever do encounter it. Along with obsessive masturbation, smearing feces is one of the behaviors most cited as one of the horrors of ‘low functioning autistics’.