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As a concept, " adult education " demarcates a subfield of education that is distinct from the latter's historical and still general identification with the formal schooling of youth in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Adult informal education The notion of informal adult education had been around in the YMCA before Malcolm Knowles’ book was published in In Britain Josephine Macalister Brew had published the first full-length treatment of informal education in However Informal Adult Education was a significant addition to the literature.

The position of Gerald () on the concept of education is that it developed from the human struggle for survival and enlightenment, and that it may be formal or informal. 4 f Generally, education should be viewed as the transmission of culture from one generation to the other for the purpose of continuity in the values and traditions promoted by the society for useful and productive living of its . HISTORY AND CHANGING CONCEPT OF ADULT EDUCATION IN INDIA HISTORY ANCIENT PERIOD BRITISH PERIOD In ancient India, Education was regarded as a continuous and a recurrent process. It was believed to be life-long extending from one’s conception to one’s the last breath. It was thought to be conterminous with life, i.e., from cradle to grave.

Oct 07,  · One of the most important differences between teaching children and teaching adults is the self-concept of adult learners. While young students tend to be dependent on their teachers to guide their learning and provide opportunities for application, adult . Key Concepts in Adult Education and Training 2nd Edition This book is an accessible and jargon-free guide to the key concepts used in adult education and training. The author examines in detail forty-five of these concepts, ranging from core concepts such as educa-tion and development to more specialist concepts like social capital and social.