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Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, is a condition characterized by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side) of the skull.A mild and widespread form is characterized by a flat spot on the back or one side of the head caused by remaining in a supine position for prolonged periods.. Plagiocephaly is a diagonal asymmetry across the head shape. Aug 15,  · Cranial remolding orthosis is allowed for synostotic plagiocephaly. Description: Cranial remodeling orthoses (CRO) are usually in the shape of an adjustable helmet or headband that progressively molds the shape of the infant cranium by applying corrective forces to prominences while leaving room for growth in the adjacent flattened areas.

The UT Health Cranial Remolding Program provides the only full-time, dedicated team for cranial remolding therapy in the San Antonio area. What is a cranial remolding orthosis? A cranial remolding orthosis, more commonly referred to as a cranial helmet, is an orthotic device that can be worn on a baby’s head to help correct cases of plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and other head deformities. Cranial molding helmets are custom fabricated from a laser scan of a child’s head.

Cranial remolding orthoses are most commonly used after 4 months of age and preferably before 12 months of age. • Cranial remolding orthoses may also be used postoperatively to maintain or improve the surgical correction. • A skilled orthotist is necessary to monitor the fit and function of the orthosis during this time-specific treatment. A cranial remolding orthosis, or helmet, is a device that will help to reshape a baby’s head. Midwest Orthotic & Technology Center’s clinical staff is trained to scan your baby’s head for accurate measurements and help you make an educated decision on whether a remolding .