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Do you remember me I sat upon your knee I wrote to you with childhood fantasies Well I'm all grown up now Can you still help somehow I'm not a child but my heart still can dream So here's my lifelong wish My grown-up X-mas list Not for myself but for a world in need No more lives torn apart That wars would never start And time would heal all hearts Every man would have a friend That right would always win And love would never end This is my grown-up Christmas . I'm not a child but my heart still can dream. So here's my lifelong wish. My grown-up Christmas List. Not for myself, but for a world in need. No more lives torn apart, Then wars would never start. and time would heal the heart. And everyone would have a friend. And right would always win.

Leaving you, homeless in the streets Nothing on your feet, and cold With no friend, who is near to you Who is dear to you, to hold. Through the years, this always seems to happen Every Christmas Day So go on, go burn down other people’s homes You’ll have friends on, that bummer of a Christmas Day. Christmas Songs – Grown Up Christmas List Lyrics. Do you remember me. I sat upon your knee. I wrote to you. With childhood fantasies. Well, I'm all grown up now. And still need help somehow. I'm not a child. But my heart still can dream.

Collecting Crude Christmas Carols. Rude, crude, and lewd carols are commonly available these days. Comedians often put out hilarious CDs with parodies of tunes that contain dirty and funny Christmas lyrics. To find them, simply check for favorite comedian soundtracks throughout the Christmas season. Related ArticlesAuthor: Amy Hoover.