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The Chorkie is intelligent, very playful and proud. This loving cross is the perfect lap dog. Great for families and children, the Chorkie will be very attached to their family but most will maintain some independence. The Chorkie is reserved around strangers and protective of family. Jul 29,  · Adult. As an adult, a Yorkie should be completely done growing! After two years, the weight of your dog should not fluctuate much —as this could be an indication of a lack of exercise or an improper diet. The dog should also have settled into a routine by now and should have a .

'Chihuahua Yorkie Mix' The Chorkie has caught the fancy of many dog lovers as a loveable and adorable pet that many renowned blonde celebrities carry around in their small expensive purses. The Chorkie is a cross breed of the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire terrier – hence, the name. It is recognized as one of the cutest designer dogs around. It is a fairly new breed, having been created only in. Top 10 interesting facts about the Chorkie, a crossbreed between the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier. SUBSCRIBE NOW: Custom Dog Pai.

The Chorkie is a designer breed mix of Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier. Chorkies are small dogs, weighing around 10 pounds. They are energetic, affectionate and entertaining. The puppies are delicate and require a gentle touch. Training Chorkie puppies is a long process as housebreaking is often difficult. These 2 Chorkie puppies are about weeks old. Both pups are females. Mother is Chorkie, and Father is Full blooded Chihuahua. Asking for.