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adult cartoon history - MoGi Origins - FairyGirl Elf Adult Scene (making Of)

Another cartoon that was geared for the adult, or at least the teenager or young adult, was Beavis and Butt-head. This was one of MTV’s most famous shows and was as controversial as it was popular. People complained of their children blowing up cats and setting houses on fire because the were emulating the show, thought the show never blew up. The short features everything from sex with animals and missionary position to a man shooting off his own penis. It’s often called the first porno-cartoon made in the United States, and it was.

It is impossible to write a piece on animated adult TV without giving ample credit to The Simpsons. What once began as a cartoon short on The Tracey Ullman Show developed into the longest running. Adult animation, adult cartoon or mature animation, is any type of animated motion work that is catered specifically to adult interests, and is mainly targeted and marketed towards adults and adolescents, as opposed to children or all-ages audiences. Works in this medium could be considered adult for any number of reasons, which include the incorporation of explicit or suggestive content.

During the 17 th century, the origins of the modern cartoon began as caricatures. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo Benini used caricatures to provide definite shape and form to the features of their subject.