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Sep 02,  · The Safe Schools Improvement Act seems to be a massive federal initiative to curb bullying and harrasment in the public schools of all states. CNN's "Anderson Cooper" had a segment tonight about whether this bill "advances a gay agenda". The bill requires the schools to record and report. Apr 01,  · The bullies themselves are victims, too, and need help just like the children they bully. “Because bullies are so aggressive, they are viewed by peers to be so difficult to deal with, so they are rejected,” writes DeLisi. Many bullies experience some type of abuse at home, and bullying others is simply a coping mechanism.

Dec 22,  · Bullying can take many forms, from teasing and sending messages via social media to causing physical harm. Life coach Natalie Dee reveals the best ways to deal with bullies as an adult. Dec 06,  · Adult Bullies: When Conversations About Bullying Get Complicated - Across America, US - A former assistant state's attorney sheds light on adult bullying, defining it and how to deal with one.

Verbal Adult Bully: Words can be quite damaging. Adult bullies who use this type of tactic may start rumors about the victim, or use sarcastic or demeaning language to dominate or humiliate another person. This subtle type of bullying also has the advantage – to the bully – of being difficult to document. Bullying was long shrugged off, chalked up to kids being kids. But in recent years, it has gained serious notice as a factor in deadly campus shootings. More and more states and schools have taken steps toward bullying prevention, from class discussions about peer relations to reaching out to parents about the kind of behavior that is expected.